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About Scottish news brands

Scotland’s news publishing industry has a rich history, a vibrant present and an exciting future as Scottish news brands continue to adapt to new technologies and changing reader preferences.

News brands interact closely with, and understand, their readers in a way which few other platforms can surpass. Traditionally newspapers have delivered news and content to large audiences across the medium of print, but with the advent of digital media and multi-platform capabilities, Scottish news brands are now able to reach and influence audiences on a greater scale than ever before.

Trusted by their readers to understand, respond to and act on local and important issues, the Scottish press is a powerful, flexible medium in both print and digital. A study undertaken by News Works shows that news brands across the UK reach more than 89.9% of the population, or 46 million.Today, Scottish newspapers remain a commercially relevant and effective medium for businesses and brands to connect with audiences across the country.  The Scottish media industry contributes £1.2 billion to the Scottish economy, with around £770m (64%) of that coming from the newspaper and publishing industry.

News brands are also deeply personal and reflect the people who read them. ScotCen Social Research’s regular Scottish Social Attitude’s Survey shows that views and opinions on social issues vary in relation to which types of newspaper a person reads.