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The Broons are making history in the Sunday Post this weekend (26th July) in a special £10,000k instant giveaway competition strip, produced using cutting-edge digital printing.

Using new technology from DC Thomson’s Discovery Print arm in Dundee, an instant giveaway voucher will feature The Broons in a comic with bespoke competition codes – and different endings to the story.

Up to 500 lucky readers of the Sunday Post’s in10 magazine will win cash.  For those readers who don’t gain instant access to Maw Broon’s purse, there’ll be a further chance to win by entering a phone prize draw.

Discovery Print and DC Thomson Head of Operations (Newspapers), Guy Forester explained, “Our Kodak digital print head provides the ability to produce tailored marketing and advertising initiatives via uniquely printed numbers, barcodes, QR codes or even high end graphics.

“We’re one of only two printers in the UK with this technology, so as far as I’m aware The Broons cartoon strip is the first ever variable data strip that has been produced in the UK newspaper marketplace, possibly even the world!”

The technology produces one billion droplets of ink per second, allowing text and images to be changed without slowing down the printing press.  The digital print head can produce unique content on each paper at a speed of 90,000 copies per hour.

The Sunday Post’s Editor-in-Chief Donald Martin said, “The digital print head offers exciting new capabilities and fresh ways to engage our readers and advertisers in Scotland and the North of England.

“It has been a genuine team effort with Editorial, our writers, artists and graphic designers, working alongside colleagues in Operations, Production, Marketing, Advertising and Enterprise to create this imaginative reader offer.

Further information on Discovery Print’s product range and current portfolio can be found at