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Jim Chisholm

FACT: Print moves real estate faster, and for higher prices.
A study in Australia has found that property advertisers who continue to use print to sell their homes are more likely to sell, achieve higher prices and move the sale faster.
The study, published in January by Newspaper Works – the Australian equivalent of the UK News Works, studied the transaction details of over 850,000 home sales across five major conurbations.
The results showed that sellers who used print as well as digital services to sell their home:

  • Were 14% more likely to sell the property
  • Reduced the period to sell by 11 days, an improvement of 17%
  • Got a 6% higher price for the sale

While the results varied from market to market, they consistently saw levels of improvement everywhere.   With the average home in Scotland worth £165,000, this suggests that print advertising could increase the price of a home by around £10,000.
It’s another example of why it pays to advertise in press.