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An in-depth study into the reshaping of the newsroom by Professor Gillian Doyle of Glasgow University has just been published.

Prof Doyle, a judge in this year’s Scottish Press Awards, has included interviews with senior figures from the Daily Mail, Telegraph and Financial Times amongst others in the study and it gives several pointers to future approaches.

Titled “Re-invention and survival” the work draws on a multitude of academic sources as well as industry interviews and is part of a three-year research project.

In it, Prof Doyle concludes: “The experience of leading players in the UK national newspaper sector indicates some communalities of experience that offer potentially valuable lessons for media and publishing businesses more widely.

“At a time of immense change and opportunity, a willingness to experiment, especially in relation to harnessing the benefits of two-way connectivity is vital and so too is the need to achieve close integration between IT, commercial and editorial functions”

The full article study can be found here: